Add comfort and remove stress

What can be used to reduce stress? Good old rest and the best rest you can get is using a weighted blanket to comfort you. Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like. They are usually much heavier than the regular blankets which we buy. They weigh around 4-30 pounds and hence are considered being bulkier than the usual ones. Weighted blankets act as a treatment for many problems like those of anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, or autism. Even when they don’t work as a treatment alone, they assist in treatment when used alongside therapy. Research has proven that weighted blankets have been successful in reducing symptoms of such disorders and treat them. Many people who have been using them gave great reviews on them.

Benefits of weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are not only helpful in adults but also assist problems in children. These blankets are also entirely safe to use so parents can buy them for their children without worrying about safety. It helps by giving people a relaxed feel so that they can sleep comfortably. Sleep is vital in circumstances where issues are linked with the brain. During sleep, when the mind is comfortable, the person feels calm and forgets about their problems for a while. This depicts how weighted blankets can help in reducing stress and increasing comfort. These blankets also create a deep pressure touch that reduces anxiety. Weighted blankets help ground your body, which reduces the level of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol controls your stress level, and if its level increases, it can cause further issues like increased blood sugar level and other digestive disorders. If cortisol increases to an uncontrollable level, it can severe the already existing complications of anxiety, depression, and weight gain.

This is not something that can’t be controlled or reversed. The deep pressure touch that is inserted by weighted blankets helps in secretion of neurotransmitters called dopamine and serotonin, which are also referred to as feel-good hormones. These hormones fight against stress and anxiety, bringing comfort to your body.

Another problem that is very common in both adults and children is that of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome). This results in a lack of focus. ADHD shows different kinds of symptoms in every person. The pressure exerted by weighted blankets helps in creating a soothing and calm effect that makes the body and the mind feel better. Deep touch also assists in improving a person’s mood and sleep and makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Depression and anxiety are diseases that are very difficult to overcome. They not only affect your mental health but also harm you physically. Weight gain, ungroomed self, and weakness are some results of these psychological problems. It is essential to grow up from these issues and bring yourself back to life. Weighted blankets help a lot in bringing positivity to your mind and reducing stress. These blankets are readily available online on Amazon, Bed Bath, Beyond, and many other stores. You can select which blanket to choose according to your preferences.