What Is a UV Sterilizing Cabinet and How Does it Work?

UV sterilization has continued to grow in popularity and use in homes, industries, and healthcare facilities. It is has proven to be an invaluable tool, effectively killing all kinds of fungi, viruses, and bacteria. UV sterilization devices come in different forms and sizes. One notable device worth mentioning is the UV sterilizing cabinet.

Also known as a UV sanitizer cabinet, this device is ideal for sterilization and disinfection of high contact and shared objects such as gear, books, radios, or harnesses. UV lamps and the mirrored interior ensure that the disinfecting light reaches all surfaces of the objects to be sterilized. The 360-degree feature of the cabinet is what makes it such an effective tool.

How does it work?

It works by disrupting the structure of RNA and DNA molecules so that they are unable to multiply. Ultraviolet sterilization is effective on viruses and bacteria because of its shorter wavelength than visible violet light. It can work on pathogens, microbes, molds, and yeasts. These microorganisms have different characteristics and will experience a variation in the time required for each to die.

This type of equipment has been commonly used during the pandemic. Coronavirus is an infectious disease that is very sensitive to heat. Until recently, you had to physically deal with these microbes. One can either wash their hands regularly, bathe or use a face or cloth mask. It is possible to use ultra-violet light sanitizers to get rid of germs on your tech and any other household item.

You should be aware of the type of UV light that is effective on bacteria and other microbes. This is because we have other “sunlight” in the ultra-violet spectrum. We have UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-A is responsible for a huge sum of radiation in the Earth’s atmosphere and causes and 80 percent damage to our skin- like wrinkles. UV-B is responsible for destroying your DNA, resulting in wrinkles and sunburns. Both UV-A and UV-B need to be prevented by applying sunscreens and blocks under keen instruction. UV-C is used in disinfection and killing of germs on surfaces.

UV-C can be used in various hospitality industries.

Pros of the UV sterilizing cabinet

  • UV is a convenient method for sterilization since there are no chemicals needed. You can be assured there will be no chemical residue after the disinfection process.
  • UV rays can kill all manner of organisms and bacteria. This comes in handy since some bacteria and micro-organisms have developed resistance to drugs or chemicals.

Cons of the UV sterilizing cabinet

  • UV, especially UVB and UVC are very harmful to humans. UV cabinets have protective shields to the sides to prevent direct exposure. It is recommended that users of sterilizing cabinets be trained thoroughly.
  • UV sterilization is very strong and has major damage to the DNA/RNA. Therefore, sterilizing cabinets harm biomedical products such as vaccines.