Tesla Cybertruck: What’s All the Hype About?

Have you heard people often say the future is here with us? If in the year 1996 you told someone we would have operational offices from home, they would most probably call you a liar. More is still on the way, but let us shift our attention to the Tesla Cybertruck. What’s all the hype about?


You notice the truck does not have an abnormal design as other cars, instead, it is angular. This is because the material used to make the model is so hard it cannot be formed into smooth shapes. The owner, Elon Musk, suggested the idea.

Lacks side mirrors

Have you ever imagined a car without exterior mirrors? Probably yes, probably no. With the Tesla Cybertruck, the car is smart, hence does not need side mirrors. Instead, there are installed cameras that reflect on a screen to enable one to know which direction to go or if there are obstructing structures.


The materials used to build the truck are so unique and are made up of scratch-resistant and dent-resistant steel. According to information from Elon, the model is also bulletproof.

Runs on electric power

With new strategies to reduce emissions from oil combustion, Tesla Cybertruck runs on electric power, unlike other vehicles that mainly run on gas.

One has to preorder

Did you know if you order a new Tesla today, it will be received in the year 2022? The company in charge of their construction requires one to pay a deposit of $10,000. The total price however amounts to approximately $40,000.

Types of Tesla Cybertrucks and their features

There are three top brands that are well known at the moment. The likelihood of others being released is high but until then, the available models are:

Single motor

Also known as model 3. Being one of the cheapest models, it ranges at $39,900. It is also fast charging with high electric-powered performance. Due to its quick acceleration, the car can go at a very high speed.

Dual motor

Also known as model S, it has a price range of $49,900.

It is named duo because it has two independent motors, each with a single moving part, to cut on the maintenance cost and ensure maximized durability.


This is the most expensive model, ranging at $69,900. With a speed test of 300 km in 15 minutes, it is also one of the fastest cars in the world. The engine is so powerful, that it stands at 1020 horsepower, being among the most powerful engines in the world.

With three engines, two power each rear wheel, while one at the front axle generates energy for the front right wheel.

In conclusion, all the hype you have probably heard about the Tesla Cybertruck is true. The uniqueness in the market makes the model stand out, hence all the hype appears. This also acts as a motivation for the future. Companies are looking forward to coming up with better or similar models soon.