Propark Opened a New Airport and Cruise Parking Operation in Fort Lauderdale

Propark America recently opened a new airport and a cruise parking operation in Fort Lauderdale. The cruise parking operation is basically for those people who travel to different places through the sea on their cruise and need a place to park their cruise. This is exactly what Propark is doing, they have opened a new cruise parking operation for such people. The Fort Lauderdale Airport parking facilities have approximately 12000 airport parking spaces and 4,800 off-airport parking spaces. Now for some people, the parking space is very concerning because the airport is huge and the approximate number of passengers annually is 36 million. The number of daily passengers is a lot higher than the parking space that is provided by the airport. If we talk about the cruise parking operation at Fort Lauderdale, it is the fourth busiest cruise parking in the world and as it Is a new port the people are given a discount for parking at the port. The annual number of people that use the Fort Lauderdale cruise port is around 4 million. People try to park at this port because they receive a good discount and the charges of parking your cruise at this port are not very high.

Fort Lauderdale airport

Propark America has opened a new airport in Fort Lauderdale. The company Propark is a privately owned company which is famous for providing parking services. The Fort Lauderdale airport also provides parking and shuttle services for its passengers. The Fort Lauderdale Airport parking is a lot cheaper than other airports and they also give you a discount. If you were to park your car at the Fort Lauderdale airport it will only cost you 3 dollars per hour and if you were to park your car at the airport for one whole day it will only cost you 25 dollars which is extremely cheap as compared to other airports. Propark allows you to park your car at the airport and then they provide you with a shuttle service to travel from parking to your terminal which is extremely convenient and cheap. Propark is famous for its parking service because they provide the best quality service at the best price which is affordable for everyone.

 Cruise parking operation

Along with the new airport, Propark has opened a new cruise parking operation at Fort Lauderdale, and in a short period, it has become one of the busiest cruise parking ports. The annual number of travelers that use this port is 4 million. The main reason why so many people are using this port to park their cruise is their parking prices. Their parking fees is extremely cheap as compared to other port and they are also offering a discount. Cruise parking is basically for such people that are traveling to different areas through the sea in their cruise and while visiting new places they need a place to safely park their cruise. Propark has made this Cruise parking port to cater to the needs of such people and provide them with the best parking service at a cheap price.