Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Physical therapy is a very effective remedy for people who suffer from a variety of different problems. Even if someone is physically fit and wants to relax the muscles and feel less stressed, physical therapy is a good remedy for him/her as well. The benefits of physical therapy are numerous and can range from the fixation of serious diseases to physical injuries as well as muscular and mental stress. Physical therapy is also very beneficial for many chronic diseases and has proven to be fairly effective in its treatment in the long term. In fact, one of the most famous and well-known physical therapists are situated in the USA. And the pediatric physical therapy in NJ, USA, is considered one of the best in the world, and people from around the world visit these therapists to get treated effectively.

Why PT is so Important?

PT is the short form or the acronym for physical therapy. The concept of physical therapy has been around for a fairly wrong time and was especially popular in sports. Since athletes and players would get injured quite often and their bodies would eventually become more prone to injury, they would require more and more treatment, and for them as well, physical therapy was the most effective and efficient remedy. Nowadays, physical therapy is recommended to a wide variety of people. People who are suffering from general fatigue, physical deformities, injuries as well as muscular and mental stress can opt for physical therapy as it is a very effective mode for treatment for such people. In fact, many studies have shown that this is also extremely suitable and beneficial for people who have chronic diseases like Parkinson’s Disease.

Physical Therapy & Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a sort of a disease that needs to be managed very carefully if a person expects to stay healthy in the long term. Surprisingly enough, physical therapy is also a good and effective remedy for this particular problem. In fact, a lot of physicians recommend physical therapy for it since it allows the patient to feel more physically and mentally active. With Parkinson’s, it is very important to become as agile and as mobile as possible. Unfortunately, people tend to lose control over their muscles over time with this disease. This is exactly why physical therapy and other modes of exercise are recommended. Physical therapy allows the patient to regain sensation in their muscles and bones and also gain control over body movements. There is a very specific form of physical therapy that is recommended for patients of Parkinson’s. This is known as LSVT BIG training. This is the short form of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. This form of treatment helps the patients in a way that increases their amplitude of movement. This form of physical therapy involves aggressive and over-exaggerated body movements so that the body stays in check, and less muscle control loss is experienced in the process. The LSVT treatment allows the patients to reduce the amount of shaking and shuffling movements that often happen as a side effect of Parkinson’s Disease.