Email vs. SMS: Which Channel Is Better?

An email has been the verifiable and tested method of communication at the workplace. Ever since the invention of an email service, it has dominated as the trusted channel. But as the times have changed, the use of SMS (short messaging service) has increased. Studies have been launched to investigate this phenomenon over the years. Companies have changed their mode of operation now using text messages for SMS appointment reminders, updates, discounts on new services, and promotional messages. But what to choose: SMS appointment reminder or email?

What is the correct position on this matter? Both SMS and email are effective ways of communicating with your clients, as has been proven. But which communication channel is better? In this article, we put this issue to bed, once and for all.

Considerations on your preferred choice

Foremost, we must look at what has commonly come to be known as ‘open rates’. Compared to emails, SMS has a higher possibility of being opened. There are a number of factors that are responsible for this. Two that pop up are the effectiveness of texts and also that one doesn’t require an internet connection to receive a text.

Due to the official nature attached to it, emails typically have attachments, images, and links to them, making them perfect for longer content. SMS doesn’t have the option for attachments or images. Businesses use them for shorter and more direct messages that rarely require responses.

Armed with this knowledge, another matter on the table is to establish what content you typically deal with as a business. This will determine the type of communication channel to use. This will help you to determine whether the messages you are sending are effective. You must remember. Business is all about reaching out and delivering a certain message to your current or potential clients.

Criteria for selection

In our research, we were able to come down to identify some appropriate questions that every business owner can ask themselves when it comes to the subject matter:

  •         Is your information time-sensitive?
  •         Does the message you are sharing require a response?
  •         Any attachments or media?
  •         Would the information need to be referenced later?


While the argument for either service can go on and on, we see that the best way to go about it is to look for the halfway house. Both channels have their advantages to the business. You have to strike a balance and look for a customized strategy that works for you. SMS messages might be the best for more time-sensitive messages and also for information on brand awareness and promotions. Emails on the other hand are perfect for communication that is hard to digest. Such long content should be sent via mail so that the client can use it for future reference.