10 Innovative Web Design Trends for 2020

Web design is one of the rapidly rising careers. The surge in the use of the internet has not only paved the path for more opportunities, but it has also made working easier for web designers. Hence, the sudden rise in the number of web designers globally is not shocking. If you are working as a freelance or full-time web designer, you need to know about the different trends that can help propel your career. The fact that you are here in the first place shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to become successful as a web designer. Hence, read on and equip yourself with the necessary skills to emerge as a truly successful web designer.

Most innovative web design trends in 2020

The following are some of the most innovative web design trends for the year 2020:

  1. Chatbots
    Chatbots are one of the hottest trends in the market right now. The Chatbots can significantly increase the overall level of engagement of the web design with the visitors. Vibrant colors are better to use for Chatbots so customers can find them easily.
  2. Full-screen video background
    This is another highly innovative trend that is going to appear a lot more on the websites in 2020. The overall design and attractiveness of the sites become better with the use of this feature. However, smart videos need to have a clear purpose and meaning.
  3. Glitch art
    Glitch art is like a blast from the past. It is a retro design that can make the website look fashionable. If you are looking to get a psychedelic look for the design, glitch art is the perfect tool for you.
  4. Gradient design
    Another highly popular tool to use in 2020 is gradient design. It gives a more aesthetic look to the site. However, it is essential to make sure that the use of gradients is in the right place.
  5. Micro animation
    Micro animations may be small in size, but it does not mean that they are insignificant. Instead, they can be a highly potent and engaging tool if used rightly.
  6. Minimalistic layouts
    It is one of the hardest styles of design that you can implement. But, results show that the use of minimalistic layouts is highly helpful in more than one way.
  7. Smart Videos
    The use of original videos can also enhance the overall outlook of the design. Especially if you are going for an innovative look, this is the perfect tool for you.
  8. Thumb friendly mobile navigation
    The easier it is for the users to navigate, the more likely they are to return. Because thumb navigation makes the lives of your visitors much more comfortable, it is a good option for you to consider.
  9. Tones and textures
    The sounds and tastes you incorporate in the design must be authentic. In this regard, natural textures and colors are the best options.
  10. Typography layouts
    Due to the rise in technology, you can use typography layouts, as well. The use of these layouts can be highly engaging for consumers.


Now that you know about the different trends of web design, you can make significantly better decisions about web design. You can use this information to make better designs.